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    Sample Tuning: S-10

    A basic setup for 10-string, single-neck guitars

    Here is a basic setup for the E9 Tuning using 3 Pedals and 5 Knee Levers.

     TOP NECK             PEDALS                  KNEE LEVERS
      E9    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    LKL LKV LKR RKL RKR
      F#                                                  G#
      Eb                                                     D/C#
      G#        A
      E             F#                        F       Eb
      B     C#      C#                            Bb
      G#        A                                         F#
      E                                       F       Eb
      D                                                       C#
      B     C#                                    Bb

    NOTE: RKL is split to allow you to get G on string 6 using P2 in combination.


    LKL = Left Knee Left
    LKV = Left Knee Vertical
    LKR = Left Knee Right
    RKL = Right Knee Left
    RKR = Right Knee Right