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    Making it like new again

    This section is devoted to more advanced techniques and methods used in restoration and repairs. The methods shown are NOT the only way to achieve the end results. Your tool inventory, knowledge, and brand of steel will dictate the proper technique(s) for your project.

    Before you get any restorative or repair work done, you should ask to see examples of the person's work, as well as some references. We have listed people below who do restorations and/or repairs. These people are listed for your convenience. These listings are NOT an endorsement or recommendation.

    Remember, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

    This information is presented with no express claim or warranty. We are not responsible for any damage to your guitar or yourself. Any work attempted using this information is at your own risk.


    The following people do BOTH restorations and repairs.
    They may also specialize in specific brands:

    Bryan Adams (423) 727-6093
    Tom Bradshaw Tom Bradshaw's Website
    Mike Cass Mike Cass' Website
    Greg Jones (606) 862-1031


    The following people do only repairs and setups.
    They may also specialize in specific brands:

    Bobby Bowman (281) 856-9453
    Al Brisco Al Brisco's Website
    Billy Cooper Billy Cooper's Website