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    Polishing and Cleaning

    Keeping your PSG looking good


    Polishing and cleaning your guitar keeps it looking nice and helps it maintain its value over time.

    When using any polish or cleaner:

    Formica Guitars

    Do NOT use abrasive cleaners (such as automotive rubbing compound) on formica-type products. These cleaners can rub away the very thin layer of gloss and color on the laminate (leaving a cloudy, white area)! Shown above is one of several products we like to use: Meguiar's Show Car Glaze #7. This is a non-abrasive cleaner and polish which works well on both formica-type surfaces and lacquer finishes.

    Padded neck

    If your guitar has a padded neck, we like to use STP's "Son of a Gun Protectant" or ArmorAll to clean and maintain the vinyl covering on the pad.

    Polishing Chrome or Aluminum

    We recommend Mother's Aluminum Polish or Meguiar's #28 All-Metal Polish. Both of these cleaners are non-abrasive and will do a very good job of cleaning and polishing the metal on your steel guitar.

    Removing Light Scratches in Polished Aluminum

    This requires a polish which has a small amount of grit or "cut" in it. For this we find Happich Simichrome Polish to be very good.

    Lacquer Care
    Light scratches in the lacquer finish usually can be removed by using a mild automotive rubbing compound, such Meguiar's #2.